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A study on distracted driving

04th January 2013

George Ide’s expert road traffic accident solicitors have helped hundreds of people claim compensation for personal injuries sustained in non-fault and part-fault vehicle-related incidents. We are pleased to be able to assist people with their claims so that they can get their lives back on track, but we would much rather no one was hurt in preventable accidents in the first place.

As a result, we are always interested to read about accident statistics and research which could lead to action being taken to reduce the number of injuries and deaths which take place on UK roads every year.

A recent study commissioned by a provider of vehicle insurance has shown how often some road users succumb to distractions and what shape those distractions take.

Using eye-tracking technology, drivers’ eye movements were monitored while they were undertaking journeys by car, and the results revealed that motorists using satnav systems focused their attention on the gadget 12% of the time.

Another 3% of road users’ time was spent watching pedestrians – non of whom were located on the road or crossing it. Drivers were also put themselves and others at risk by admiring clouds and scenery (7% of the time), and looking at adverts (0.6% of the time), losing their concentration on the highway an average of every nine seconds.

Worryingly, the research shows that the average driver only checks their mirrors 3.2% of their journey, and spends only 0.6% of their trip reading road signs.

A spokesperson for the insurer which commissioned the study states, “For the first time we know exactly where people focus their eyes when driving and the results are frightening.”

Here at George Ide, we agree. Hopefully studies like these will make people realise how important it is to keep focused on the road and Britain will see a reduction in the number of people hurt or killed annually due to driver negligence.

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