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Drink driving solicitors client in coma video

31st December 2013

We all know the risks and we all know the penalties. Those who choose to get behind the wheel after having imbibed alcohol are not even likely to get much sympathy from their friends and family, who are likely to be angry that they put themselves and others at such risk of harm.

Take, as an example, the “YouTube phenomenon” of Ray. Ray passed out drunk at the wheel of his truck in serious danger of receiving his sixth conviction for driving under the influence.

Concerned friends, hoping to give the man a wakeup call decided to intervene by carting him off to a simulated hospital room while he was still unconscious with drink. They hooked him up to hospital equipment and waited until he awoke and so that they could get an actor to tell him that he had been involved in a car accident while drunk and had been a coma for ten years.

The results are funny, but, hopefully, and more importantly, chilling for Ray.

A person’s life can be changed, or taken from them, in an instant. Drink driving is a selfish and irresponsible thing to do – not just at Christmas but all year round.

The drink driving solicitors at George Ide can help anyone who has been the victim of one of these reckless motorists claim compensation for their pain, suffering, lost earnings, and medical costs. Please contact us today to speak with a member of the team.

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