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APIL President says Reform of whiplash claims is “scandalous”

14th April 2016

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyer’s President, Jonathan Wheeler, explained to subscribers of The Brief this week how motor insurance fraud is routinely misrepresented by the insurance industry.

“That misrepresentation has been swallowed whole by the Government and used as a reason for proposing removal of the right to compensation claims for some whiplash injuries,” said Jonathan in an article for the Times’ daily e-publication.

Proven fraud and suspected fraud are usually added together to create the statistics so often repeated by the insurance industry about the alleged level of fraud.

“When the ABI separated the two figures in 2014 it became clear that proved fraud (even on its figures) was only 0.25 per cent of all motor claims. That includes policyholders over-egging their own claims or making false declarations in applications for insurance,” Jonathan wrote. “Personal injury fraud is a fraction of that figure, and fraudulent whiplash claims are a fraction of that.”

At George Ide we know from years of experience that only a minority of personal injury claims have a dishonest element. The Government’s stated wish to ban all lower value claims is a significant over-reaction which risks undermining the very fabric of “access to justice” for all. The vast majority of claimants are honest, innocent victims who will be left to take on the might of a well trained and hugely well resourced insurance industry with little or no support or affordable access to advice.

Paul Lewis. Partner & Head of Accident Management


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