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Cycling Hazards

11th November 2020

I was interested to read two articles in The Times (29.10.2020) which serve to underline some of the hazards of the road/path.

The first of these is interesting in the context of the Government’s strategy of putting cyclists and pedestrians together on shared paths/pavements. It concerns a Mr Crane who successfully sued an investment banker, Ms Read, for substantial compensation when her dog chased a ball into his path. Compensation will be assessed for the consequences of brain injury which Mr Crane sustained, despite wearing a helmet and the accident occurring at a relatively low speed. The dog owner claimed that this was a “freak occurrence” and that her dog had been “stunned” by the thrown ball. Judge Patrick Andrews ruled that the dog owner was negligent in not calling to the dog as it ran towards the path.

The second article relates to the Labour Leader, Sir Keir Starmer’s involvement in a collision with a Deliveroo rider while driving to his tailors. The cyclist is reported as shouting “How did you not see me?”. Sir Keir’s SUV was reportedly across the middle of the road.

As a keen cyclist driver, walker and runner, I am mindful of the need to keep a look out for all manner of hazards that may suddenly appear. As we approach Road Safety Week (16 to 22 November), the above cases serve as a reminder to us all to take care for others’ safety.

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Paul Fretwell. Partner and Head of personal injury

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