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Inspired to unlock the future for clients living life after loss

06th January 2017

The Christmas period can be particularly difficult for those who have recently lost loved ones, and in my field of work as a personal injury solicitor I gain an insight into the pain, suffering and adjustment faced by many people in that situation. At the moment, for example, I am working with several families who have lost loved ones in road traffic or workplace accidents, and last month several families experienced their first Christmas since a loss.

Who takes the place of the missing family member whose job it always was to put up the Christmas tree? How can Christmas be made magical for the children in the face of desolation and grief? Losing a loved one leaves an empty space that, at Christmas, gapes wider and makes a personal loss so much deeper and more painful. An adjustment to existing without your spouse, becoming a single parent, or losing a child is indeed a true challenge.

I am inspired to write these words at this time by the strength and bravery I see in those with whom I work, bereaved families and friends who are determined to work together and find a positive way forward.

Some of my client families are facing inquests or criminal prosecutions relating to the death of their loved one. These individuals must cope with myriad challenges that arise from their new situation, as well as coming to terms with bereavement. Some, who may have survived the fatal accident, may not yet be sufficiently recovered to return to work, perhaps because they are attending therapy sessions, receiving treatment for their own injuries, or caring for injured and traumatised children or other family members. Financial difficulties may be causing significant stress and additional long-term uncertainty.

Whatever their circumstances, I see so much strength and determination in my clients and it is a great privilege to be in a position to help. Whether it be financially or in securing treatment, therapy or care services, by steering them through the legal claims process, I can make a real difference. Above all, I am myself inspired to see people who, no matter what the challenges of their new circumstances, find a way to cope as best as they can — and what I see is truly amazing.

Claire Watson is Head of Personal Injury at George Ide LLP. To speak in confidence to her or to a member of her specialist team, call 01243 812 436.

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