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The Perils Of Cricket; Be Sure To Duck

23rd March 2021

People are occasionally killed or seriously injured when struck by a cricket ball. As we approach the cricket season, the 2020 case of Lewis v Wandsworth strikes a note of caution for any oblivious passers by. In this case, a High Court Judge (on appeal) concluded that the Claimant, walking on a footpath close to a cricket pitch, should not succeed in his claim for compensation for injury caused when he was struck by a cricket ball. The Claimant saw cricketers but did not realise that a game was in progress. The Judge held that the risk of flying cricket balls was so obvious that there was no duty upon the council to erect warning signs. Even if there had been a sign, the Judge was not persuaded that it would have made any difference; the danger would have been obvious to any reasonable person. The message is clear; even if you are not a fan of cricket, pay attention as you walk by, and be ready to duck.

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Paul Fretwell. Partner and Head of Personal Injury.

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