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head injury and an ageing brain

24th September 2015

It is a sad fact that the elderly are particularly vulnerable to the effects of brain injury. Over time, brain cells are lost as part of the ageing process and there are less brain reserves. Therefore, an elderly person who is, for instance, knocked over by a vehicle, even at low speed, can suffer the devastating consequences of a head injury. Often, in our experience, the nature and extent of the head injury is not picked up and serious consequences can be ignored; “oh it’s just old age” or “he/she was getting like that anyway”.

Research has shown that even a minor concussion can accelerate the onset/progression of dementia by many years. I have recently recovered a six figure sum in a head injury claim for an elderly person injured by a vehicle collision at relatively low speed. This compensation can be absolutely vital to maintain and enhance quality of life and to ensure, for instance, that care home charges can be met. It is a sad fact that head injuries in the elderly often mean that a person is no longer able to care for him or herself at home and the precious, “golden” years of old age can be lost

Paul Fretwell. Partner, personal injury department..

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