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The “life changing” whiplash injury

24th September 2015

There is a myth pedalled by some (including within the media) that a whiplash type neck or back injury can never be “life changing”. Over the years I have acted for many clients who, despite treatment and rehabilitation, have not been able to resume their normal lives, who suffered substantial pain, restriction and on-going loss of earnings.

I have recently settled a claim involving a complex whiplash injury resulting from a rear-end shunt type road collision. The damages recovered for my client exceeded £200,000. He was unable to continue with his pre-accident work because of the severity of this whiplash injury. The defendant insurer accepted that the whiplash injury would prevent him from returning to work as before. This underlines the importance of carefully assessing each claim on its own merits, to include claims for soft tissue, whiplash type injuries. Experienced personal injury lawyers know that, despite some of the dis-information pedalled by insurers and carried by certain media, these types of injuries can be life changing and clients need to be compensated accordingly. Hopefully the message will eventually get through that “oh, it’s just whiplash!” could not be further from the truth.

Paul Fretwell. Partner, personal injury department.

George Ide
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