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Writing wills online with George Ide LLP

08th June 2012

George Ide LLP’s online wills service is about three things: ease and convenience – affordability, and professional expertise to bring you peace of mind.

Ease and convenience

Writing wills online with George Ide is a simple process, laid out for you in ten easy-to-navigate stages.

During this initial online stage you simply provide details about yourself such as your date of birth, address and children. You may also wish to include details of any guardianship plans or funeral wishes which might be relevant.

And of course, there are also sections for you to lay out plans for the way in which you wish your estate to be distributed upon death.


George Ide’s online wills writing service starts at a base price for a Basic Single Will, and increases for more complex documents such as Property Trust Wills and Discretionary Trust Wills. All fees are inclusive of VAT and are detailed here.

Professional expertise

Once you have completed your online Will our professionals will look at every detail to ensure that it is consistent and enforceable. We will then contact you to inform you of any necessary changes and, eventually, to confirm your instructions.

Once this has been done the document will be sent to you so that it can be signed and witnessed according to our instructions.

Once you have returned it to us in the pre-paid envelope that is provided by us we will then ensure that it is legally binding.

Our service also includes a commitment to store your will securely in our specialised facility, if you so wish, as well as a copy for you to keep at a place of your choosing.

Additionally, we commit your will to high quality paper and bind it securely with specialised security rivets to ensure that it cannot be tampered with.

Wills writing solicitors at George Ide LLP

George Ide LLP is one of the leading full service legal firms in the South. Our online wills writing team of solicitors maintain the highest possible standards and always donate a portion of the will writing fee to charity.

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