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Woman makes compensation claim after car accident

26th September 2011

After the incident, the girl was taken to hospital to be treated for back injuries, bruising and grazing to her abdomen and, four days later, she developed septicaemia. She also suffered a heart attack just before surgery to her abdomen in which almost one metre of her intestines was removed.

The victim was starved of oxygen after her first operation and showed some signs of having brain damage.

Although the woman is now able to walk unaided, she still needs the use of a wheelchair and continues to suffer from epilepsy.

It is reported that claimant is seeking an order which would allow her to return to court for more damages if her condition worsens and if she suffers more brain damage.

The woman’s legal team has stated that the hospital should have operated on her two days before they did and that they gave substandard care.

Reports suggest the claimant could be awarded car accident compensation of up to £300,000 by her grandmother’s insurance company.

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