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Report proposes changes to UK employment law

08th November 2011

According to the leak, the government is looking into enacting a situation where “unproductive” workers would be unable to claim unfair dismissal. Those behind the report say that this would help employers replace unproductive workers with those who are more profitable.

Some have expressed concern that the report’s author is Adrian Beecroft, venture capitalist and Conservative Party donor.

The employment law changes would be another list in a raft of changes recently made by the government, which has already targeted a reduction in the number of unfair dismissal claims.

However, the leaked report is much more extreme in that it actually seeks to bring an end to the unfair dismissal claim.

According to the Daily Telegraph the report decries “the terrible impact of the current unfair dismissal rules on the efficiency and hence competitiveness of our businesses, and on the effectiveness and cost of our public services”.

Employment law lawyers are not the only ones likely to oppose any such proposals – Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb, who is Nick Clegg’s chief of staff, has branded Mr Beecroft’s proposals as “madness”.

“If every employee in the land faced the prospect that they could be removed arbitrarily, the destabilising effect could be devastating,” he said.

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