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Property solicitors news – Man sells house without permission

21st February 2012

A court in Edinburgh heard how, with £30,000 of gambling debt to his name, the 46-year-old embarked on the desperate scheme to sell his partner’s home.

In fact, so eager was he not to be caught out that he actually hired a woman to pose as his wife so that he could dupe property solicitors into authorising the sale of the house.

The scam only came to light around a month later when the real owner of the property contacted her mortgage providers to ask how much she owed in repayments. Much to her surprise, the lender told her that her debt had been paid off and that she should contact the firm of property solicitors involved.

Soon after, police fraud specialists began to investigate the case and discovered the shocking truth.

Now, the conman has pleaded guilty to a charge of forming a fraudulent scheme to obtain money, which includes the offence of duping residential conveyancing specialists.

The judge hearing the case has told the conman that all sentencing options, including prison, will be considered.

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