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Probate solicitor news – Singer’s estate to be held in trust

22nd March 2012

According to probate solicitors the vocalist left all personal effects, including clothing, jewellery, cars, furniture to her “surviving children” – Bobbi Kristina is her only child.

Although the will was made with solicitors more than a decade ago, in 2000, it is unlikely that there will be any grounds for dispute over the will nor indeed any problems with administration of the estate.

However, probate solicitors for the family say that the Bobbi Kristina’s inheritance will be held in a trust until she is 21, at which time she will receive an instalment, followed by further instalments at the ages of 25 and 30.

This does not mean though that the singer’s 18-year-old daughter will be out on a limb until that time – trustees will be permitted to provide sums for education, housing and business ventures.

The will has been approved at a Probate court in the US.

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