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Online wills news – Brits writing wills from abroad

12th April 2012

Furthermore, with ever-growing numbers of British people, especially those in southern areas such as West Sussex, having holiday homes, predominantly in Spain or France, the benefits of online wills services are becoming harder to ignore.

One Will specialist, from a University of Warwick team, comments, “Many people have holiday homes in Europe and there are now EU will writing laws which may help people to put everything in one will.

“Previously, people had to write wills in separate jurisdictions because of the different laws in different countries.

“Now, in many cases it is often okay to have one UK will because of the new EU regulations and there is going to be a European Certificate of Succession coming out shortly which people will need to apply for.”

And there is another reason why Brits are moving abroad and using online wills services rather than going into solicitor offices – inheritance tax planning.

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