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Claims solicitor news – Solicitor may be contacted after girl loses top of finger

13th June 2012

The man had taken his daughter to experience a guided tour of the wildlife park during the weekend when the accident took place at a tiger enclosure.

He had apparently told his child not to get too close to the fence which separated visitors from the dangerous animals, but after listening to the reserve owner’s 14-year-old daughter saying that the tigers were tame, and on seeing tour guides stroking the big cats, he allowed his daughter to do the same.

While the young girl was petting one of the tigers it grabbed her hand in its mouth. She states, “I got such a fright, my hand and fingers were full of blood. My dad shoved his hand into the tiger’s mouth to help me.”

She was taken to hospital where it was discovered that the animal had bitten off the top of her little finger. The digit had to be amputated just under the middle joint.

The park’s owner says that there were signs up around the tiger enclosure fence, stating that visitors should not get closer than one metre from the barrier and should not try to stroke the tigers.

The personal injury victim’s father explains that they only got closer to the fence after reassurances from the park owner’s daughter and guides.

If the man decides to launch a claim on his daughter’s behalf a court may find both the park owner and the girl’s father liable for the incident. If this is the case, any compensation received will depend on what percentage of responsibility falls with the reserve’s management.

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