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Solicitor for wills news – Solicitor “plundered” wills

19th June 2012

As such, one West Sussex solicitor is likely to face severe sanction following a recent ruling at London’s High Court. The judge hearing the five-year case heard how the man, once a respected solicitor for will services, “plundered” the estates of two elderly sisters following their deaths by changing them to make himself both beneficiary and power of attorney.

In overturning the wills, Mr Justice Henderson, said, “He drafted the two wills at a time when [the two sisters] were very elderly, in poor health in hospital, and with poor eyesight which was so bad that they were unable to read.

“There is also considerable doubt about whether [one of the sisters], at least, had testamentary capacity at that date, because the perception of those who knew her was that she had been suffering for some time from the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.”

However, the High Court victory is not the end of the case for the genuine beneficiaries of the will. Because the Sussex solicitor for will services is now bankrupt, having spent all money from the estate, they will have to take moves to ensure compensation.

“The only hope my children have of recovering any money is through the Solicitors’ Compensation Fund,” commented the mother of the genuine beneficiaries.

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