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Solicitor for wills news – Wills disputes on the rise

26th July 2012

This is because many solicitor for wills firms have reported a near doubling in the amount of work related to disputed and contested wills.

These types of inheritance claims have been exemplified by a number of high-profile cases, such as the recent one involving the late Sir Jimmy Savile’s estate.

“Many family estates have been decimated by the financial crisis, leaving less money for beneficiaries after a death,” said one lawyer.

And with this financial squeeze, say the experts, comes the need many feel to pursue their grievances in the courts.

Other factors behind the rise in this kind of work for solicitors for wills includes the ageing population and growing numbers of people with dementia – as a result it has become increasingly common for wills to be contested on the grounds of loss of testamentary capacity.

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