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Compensation news – Couple left injured on pavement by motorcyclist

10th August 2012

The man and woman, 64 and 60 respectively, had been walking along a pavement in Cliff Way, Frinton, Essex, when a red 1100cc Yamaha XVS motorcycle collided with them from behind.

It is believed that the rider lost control of his vehicle and mounted the pavement as a result.

The pedestrians were left with serious injuries after the motorbike accident, with the man sustaining a skull fracture and three breaks in his left arm, and the woman suffering a broken right arm.

They were taken to Colchester General Hospital where they were reported to be in stable conditions.

Reportedly, the rider of the Yamaha motorbike attempted to speak to the woman as she lay on the ground near her unconscious husband. However, he then left the couple and got into a silver car which had come to pick him up.

The police are now trying to trace the rider.

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