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Carpenter’s compensation claim is successful

04th September 2012

The man, who had been employed as a carpenter by a firm in Battersea for only two weeks, was operating a circular saw at the time of the incident.

He states that as he began to operate the machine his left hand was drawn into the path of the saw, causing serious injuries to his fingers.

He was taken to St George’s Hospital in Tooting, where part of the middle finger on his left hand was amputated, and his broken ring finger was pinned back into place.

His injuries meant that he was unable to return to work for eight weeks while he recovered, and was only able to continue his work on a part time basis after that period.

Furthermore, less than two months after coming back to work, he was made redundant.

The carpenter took legal action against his former employers, claiming that they had not provided him with training and that the safety guard was missing from the circular saw.

Since launching his claim he has received £30,000 in compensation.

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