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Car accident claim news – Driver faces compensation challenge

20th September 2012

The Coventry man was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2003 but failed to notify either his motor insurer or the Driver and Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA).

The issue came to light after the motorist was involved in a crash with another car and a heavy goods vehicle in Warwickshire last year.

As a result of the alleged failure to disclose vital information, the man’s insurer has instructed a solicitor to invalidate both his policy and his car accident claim.

“The information provided by the defendant was false,” said the insurer’s solicitor.

All motorists who have potentially dangerous medical conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, heart disease or serious migraine headaches are required to report them to both their motor insurance company and the DVLA.

Indeed, drivers can be prosecuted for failing to disclose potentially dangerous medical conditions or disabilities.

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