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Probate experts news – Vintage vase find

21st September 2012

The probate experts were engaged in what they thought was going to be a relatively humdrum valuation at a Northumberland house and were sorting through a box when they had their attention captured by an arresting vase, which is carved with two winged female nudes. It was made in the 1920s and has the R Lalique wheel engraved mark.

“When I saw the vase, it immediately caught my eye,” said one of the auctioneers.

“It soon become apparent that this was quite a special find – the vase is just one of four and is a limited edition.”

Astonishingly, they now estimate that the piece, “Deux Figures Femmes Aillees”, will fetch at least £30,000 at auction.

It is thought that the previous owners had little idea of the vase’s worth – they used it to store flowers.

The probate experts’ discovery has been of great interest to probate solicitors looking to value and distribute the deceased’s estate.

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