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Wills and probate news – Dilley’s sons see empty estate

02nd October 2012

The former Kent and Worcestershire fast bowler had been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer just a week before he died and made his will while staying in a hospice.

In the will, he left his entire estate to be divided between his four sons, however, as a result of a period of financial hardship when he was without employment and the costs he incurred as a result of two divorces, his finances suffered.

The executor of Dilley’s estate, Guy Jackson, said, “He led a frugal and reclusive life when not on the field. His flat was in negative equity. Once everything was settled there were no positive funds left.”

Dilley won fame as a member of the 1981 Ashes-winning England team. However, he was forced to retire as professional cricketer in 1992, suffering from injury.

When coaching work was no longer forthcoming, he became dependent on state benefits and even sold cricket blazers to raise funds.

One of Dilley’s sons said that he and his brothers bore no ill-feeling over the outcome of their father’s will.

Paul, 27, said, “Money was never part of our relationship. He was a top-class bloke and was there when you needed him.”

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