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Provision for pets on death is a must for all animal lovers and pet owners

19th November 2012

A spokesperson for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has said that she believes estate planning for family pets is essential to safeguard their welfare if an unforeseen event occurs and there is no-one left to look after the animals.

The ASPCA is forced to euthanize large numbers of animals each year as good homes cannot be found for homeless pets and in some cases this is because the pet has survived an owner who has not made provision for its care.

The spokesperson said that many estate planning lawyers do not consider pets as property and neglect to discuss animal trusts or pet guardianship when assisting in the drawing up of a will.

Solicitors for wills in the UK suggest that family members may well object to a pet being provided for in a will. However, a 2011 survey revealed that British pet owners had, at the time, bequeathed around £26 billion to pets and that 50% of the owners who made provision in their will for their pet did so because they did not want their animal to end up in a rescue centre following their demise.

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