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IT technologies make Wills and estate planning accessible to all

06th December 2012

Now, LexisNexis, the tax and legal technology services company, has produced a Wills and estate planning App to enable users to create a will and have it validated through an approved lawyer or the user’s own solicitor for Wills.

The App is free to use and once the required questionnaire is filled out a Will is created. This Will can then be viewed before purchase at which point it will be sent to a solicitor.

Julian Morgan, head of automation services at LexisNexis UK said that making a Will is still a sensitive subject, but that not having one can create unnecessary heartache for loved ones. The LawyerLocator Will Writer App allows users to create a Will at any convenient time, perhaps waiting for a train or before going into a meeting.

He added that it was created not just to make people’s lives easier, but also in order to provide “great ease of access to legal services”.

George Ide LLP in Chichester provides a traditional Will writing service with access to qualified and expert solicitors, but they also have an online professional Will writing service, which enables people to create their Last Will and Testament securely and legally online, from the comfort of their own home.

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