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Footballer fined “about an hour’s salary” for string of motoring offences

16th April 2013

However, it was the ruling that the Argentinian striker must complete 250 hours of community service which appeared to create the most scope for ridicule of the diminutive player.

The Sun’s headline, “Don’t cry for me.. Argie Cleaner” raised many a laugh, as did reference to Tevez taking on the role of ‘sweeper’.

Yet, Mr Tevez’s solicitor was quick to point out that his client had “a full understanding of the seriousness of the offence”.

He reiterated a comment made by a court probation officer that Mr Tevez would be unlikely to commit similar motoring offences in the future, by saying, “The whole experience from being arrested to being in the police station is all completely alien to [Mr Tevez] and very frightening.”

In sentencing, the chairwoman of the magistrates’ bench told the footballer that he was a role model for a huge number of fans and that nobody is above the law. She cited that the aggravating factors in the case, the lack of valid vehicle insurance and driving licence, appeared to be intentional.


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