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A27 hit and run near Emsworth turn-off

14th June 2013

The family-of-five had been travelling down the highway in a Volkswagen Golf when a stolen black Passat collided with them while driving down the road in the wrong direction at high speed.

The vehicle theft had taken place at a sports centre in Horsham, West Sussex, and the car had been pursued by Sussex Police. However, when the motorist began to behave dangerously just before reaching the Chichester turn-off, the chase was called off for safety reasons.

Following the road traffic accident, Cosham and Havant fire fighter crews cut the roof off the Golf to free the family inside. The driver and four passengers were taken to hospital for medical treatment, but thankfully only suffered minor injuries.

The stolen vehicle, which was reported to have reached speeds of around 100mph, was abandoned at the scene by the driver and a passenger. One of the individuals was caught, but the other has so far managed to evade police.

The family may want to contact a personal injury solicitor about their hit and run accident, to find out whether they could claim compensation for the injuries they sustained in the crash.

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