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West Sussex residential areas have 20mph speed limit

04th July 2013

Across West Sussex there have been petitions and campaigns by residents to have the change brought in.

One of the campaigners from 20’s Plenty, Sarah Sharp, stated, “If you ask mums and dads and older people, that’s what they want for their streets. They want their children to be able to play out[side]”.

She added that the end of the successful campaign had been concluded with a street party and a 30mph piñata, amongst other celebrations.

However, Ian Taylor from the Alliance of British Drivers says the number of road traffic accidents in areas which already have a 20mph enforced has increased.

“One of the main reasons is what I call the complacency factor. Vulnerable road users are actually told and encouraged to feel safer. It’s a natural instinct if the traffic is going slower.

“They get complacent, they take less care, they come a cropper,” he states.

Nevertheless, West Sussex County Council revealed that out of the 5,613 people who answered a survey on the proposed 20mph limit earlier this year, three out of four supported the change.

Hopefully, as well as a reduction in the number of people suffering personal injuries, this new speed limit in residential areas might also lead to a reduction in car accident compensation claims.

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