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Lane-hoggers and tailgaters could face fines

05th September 2013

Lane-hogging, tailgating, and overtaking on the inside are just three of the new raft of motoring offences punishable by a fixed penalty notice. Motorists can choose to take an educational driving course rather than pay the fine and they will be still be able to appeal the offence through the courts.

Police can now issue road-side fines for avoidable distractions, such as tuning a car radio or eating, while careless manoeuvres, inconsiderate driving and traffic light misdemeanours are all punishable by a £100 fine and three penalty points.

Fines for motoring offences in general have risen. Fines for misdemeanours such as misusing fog lights and not having a visible tax disc, have risen from a £30 fine, with no penalty points, to £50.

Motorists who take to the road without valid car insurance will see the penalty increase from £200 to £300.

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