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Twenty years of hurt in Surrey border dispute

09th October 2013

According to the Telegraph, the men, a 71 year old property developer and a 53 year old company director, have seen their neighbour dispute rumble on for 20 years after trees were cut down and the row over who owns the 10ft strip of land between their properties commenced.

The neighbours attempted to halt the argument by employing a boundary surveyor to make a decision over who owns the disputed land. But, the plan was dropped when the neighbours could not agree on a suitable professional to engage.

Since then, one neighbour chopped trees down while the other was on holiday and then attempted to remove stumps by burning them. The resultant fire got out of control and destroyed his neighbour’s greenhouse. Although an apology and offer of payment for the damage was offered the dispute has continued.

The latest incident involved one neighbour “mooning” the other after claiming he was provoked because photographs had been taken of him in his garden. The police became involved shortly after this most-recent incident.

The police suggested the neighbours seek mediation in order to settle the long-running neighbour dispute, however, an attempt to negotiate resolution by such means has already failed a few years ago.

The dispute is ongoing.

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