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Barriers to business broken down by employment law reform

03rd December 2013

The group, which comprises six senior business people, has made various proposals in a report which draws evidence from 90 British firms and 20 businesses across Europe.

Among the proposals, which aim to cut unnecessary ‘red tape’, recommendations are made pertaining to traineeships, health and safety, extension of paid maternity leave, posting employees to EU countries, extension of information and consultation rights, working time directive, agency workers, and the harmonisation of TUPE.

To read The Lawyer’s report and full details of the recommendations please click here.

While the proposals are still merely suggestions for legislative reform which could aid the business community, an annex to the report identifies a number of other areas for concern, including the EU Equal Treatment Directive, and it is unclear as yet what impact the publication of the report will eventually have on UK employment law.

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