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Looking at legal differences in UK inheritance law

05th December 2013

A key example highlighted is the difference whereby Scottish inheritance law does not allow automatic revocation of an existing Will when a marriage occurs. Plus, Scottish law prescribes that spouses and children are protected from disinheritance no matter what the testator puts in their Will.

For many English-born citizens who have moved to Scotland, and vice-versa, knowing which UK will writing laws are likely to apply to their Last Will and Testament is paramount to avoid cross-border inheritance disputes and problems.

Solicitors for Wills and probate advise anyone with financial interests in both England and Scotland to seek professional advice to establish which jurisdictional law will apply on the reading of their Will.

Will writing across the UK has various jurisdictional variances, and testators are advised to ensure cross-border differences in inheritance law do not affect how they would wish their estate to be administered upon their death.

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