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Work injury and fatality figures for 2013

10th January 2014

Throughout the whole of the UK, 148 people lost their lives, and 20,600 suffered major personal injuries.

As usual, there are some industries which have proved themselves to be more dangerous than others. Construction, agriculture, manufacturing, as well as waste and recycling made up two thirds of all deaths in the workplace in 2013 – with 39, 29, 20, and 10 fatalities respectively.

The regional manager for the HSE states, “The families of those workers in the East of England who lost their lives last year had to face Christmas without them and hundreds of other workers have had their lives changed forever by a major injury.

“Whilst the number of workplace deaths and major injuries has decreased nationally, these statistics highlight why we still need good health and safety in workplaces.”

She added that managers should stop spending time fretting over paperwork and other “trivial matters”, and start “tackling the real dangers” faced by employees during their working day.

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