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Potential claimants pursued by opportunistic firms

16th July 2013

Sometimes this means that medical professionals have not even have had time to finish treating their injuries, before someone phones the injured individual attempting to get a new client.

Furthermore, some people have reported being approached by claims company representatives at the scene of their accident, as well as in hospital waiting rooms, and on some occasions have been pursued for weeks after their accident despite not wanting to make a claim.

This behaviour from some opportunistic claims companies is even more shocking considering 52% more people are being contacted after having suffered a road traffic accident since 2010, despite the number of accidents taking place decreasing.

When people have suffered a personal injury, George Ide’s solicitors believe it is important that deserving claimants receive the compensation they deserve. However, potential claimants must be given time to recover from their initial injuries, and it should be their decision, or, in cases of loss of capacity, the choice of a close family member, which leads them to contact a solicitor.

We do not believe in applying pressure to potential clients, and we pride ourselves in providing professional advice and representation to those who want it.

If you would like to speak to an approachable personal injury expert without any obligation to bring a claim against the person, group, company, or organisation liable, then please contact us for a chat.

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