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21st October 2011
The Law Society Gazette reports the Justice Minister, Jonathan Djangoly, as saying that he is content to see Claims Management Companies (CMCs) forge closer ties with solicitors once the referral fee ban in personal injury cases has been introduced. So, he plans to ban referral fees but allow them by another name. One might be forgiven for asking the point of this legislation. Well now…
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16th September 2011
For many years now the Insurance Industry has complained noisily about the practice of solicitors paying referral fees to third parties, known as "claims farmers", to buy claims. Ken Clarke and the Government has now decided to ban this practice despite saying only as recently as early summer that they had no plans to ban referral fees. So why the change of policy? The change…
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26th August 2011
You may have read in the daily newspapers, or elsewhere, that the Government has decided to take action to stem the tide of what they, and the insurance industry, call the "compensation culture". Now, this phrase is not new; it was invented by the insurance industry at least 10 years ago. The insurance industry's argument has always been that this compensation culture was born out…
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