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31st October 2014
Multinational insurance firm AXA has been successful in its private prosecution of a man who claimed £100,000 for an ‘injury’ he alleged he sustained while working for a haulage company. Paul Gustar had originally issued county court proceedings against his employer after damaging his back, although medical records revealed that the back injury he was suffering from had existed previously and occurred after he had…
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14th June 2012
The insurance industry is justifiably concerned about the volume of fraudulent claims which continue to be brought by highly dishonest (and criminal) members of the public. These fraudulent claims reportedly cost the insurance industry millions of pounds annually and leading insurance firm, Keoghs, have identified Birmingham, closely followed by Liverpool, East London, North London and Bradford as the major hotspots of this criminal activity. Insurers…
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26th April 2012
You may have noticed through reading this blog, or the daily newspapers, that the Government is putting in place a raft of reforms to the current personal injury compensation system in England and Wales which are due to be introduced in April 2013. The Government hopes that these reforms will reduce the number of claims brought, reduce the cost to the insurance industry of dealing…
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26th August 2011
You may have read in the daily newspapers, or elsewhere, that the Government has decided to take action to stem the tide of what they, and the insurance industry, call the "compensation culture". Now, this phrase is not new; it was invented by the insurance industry at least 10 years ago. The insurance industry's argument has always been that this compensation culture was born out…
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