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Child abuse solicitor

We assist in claims for damages for those who have suffered child abuse and the consequences of it, which are often serious and longstanding. The effect of child abuse is that the victims may have long-term psychological and behavioural issues – although compensation cannot undo the damage, it can be of great assistance in helping victims progress with their lives.

Julian Bobak is the head of the department and has specialised in this field for many years. He is a Member of ACAL, the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers, and he is on their referral panel. Julian assists victims in obtaining compensation through the Government sponsored CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) procedure.

Compensation may be obtained for those who have suffered abuse, even in cases where there has been no criminal conviction – a claim may also be made against any person or persons whose negligence or complicity has enabled the abuse to occur.

Julian can also assist with civil claims for damages against a person who has caused abuse, whether it is by physical assault or sexual assault. In some cases, the claim may be made against a local authority – for example, if there has been a failure to place a person with a suitable foster parent or a failure to ensure adequate education which has led to significant loss and disadvantage.

It is common for these types of claim to be made many years after abuse has occurred. Fortunately, the case of A v Hoare, House of Lords 2008, demonstrates that, where appropriate, courts have the power to extend normal Limitation Act periods.

How we can help you

Julian Bobak can offer specialist advice, guidance and assistance in running CICA claims or civil claims for damages in the County Court or High Court.

If you would like to speak to someone in complete confidence about instructing a child abuse solicitor please call our Lion House offices in Chichester. Alternatively, to contact Julian directly please click through to his staff profile, featured on this page, for more information and full contact details.