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Dispute resolution solicitors for guarantee and indemnity claims

George Ide LLP dispute resolution solicitors in West Sussex can help you secure your interests and ensure the full protection of the law, whether through mediation, arbitration or adjudication. And of course, where necessary, we will take litigation through the court system.

Indemnity and guarantee disputes

There is frequently blurring of the definitions of guarantees and indemnities – however, there are some fine distinctions.

Although both indemnities and guarantees are found in the Statute of Frauds 1677 as a method of suretyship, their application and definition have varied and evolved over time as a result of common law decisions. The vagaries of cases such Pitts and Jones [2007] arise from time to time and cast doubt about their true differences.

Some distinctions

A guarantee is a form of contract, which must be laid out in writing, in which one party, a guarantor, promises to be responsible in some way for the obligations of another party.

An indemnity is a form of legal obligation, which can be established orally, in which one party is responsible for making good the losses of another.

Indemnity and guarantee dispute resolution claims

Indemnity and guarantee dispute resolution claims are most likely to occur in the following contexts:

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