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George Ide LLP solicitors for land acquisitions

Here at George Ide LLP, our solicitors for land acquisitions can help housing developers, business developers, farmers and local authorities to buy land on which to build homes, businesses, schools or for agricultural purposes.

In many cases, an acquisition of land will be strategic and negotiations may be complex. The interests of all concerned parties, buyers, sellers and the local community, must be protected and legal teams will need to be mindful of, and considerate to, all major concerns for all sides. If apprehensions and anxieties about a transaction are not examined, the deal could become protracted and unnecessarily costly.

If you wish to buy land in the UK, whether for domestic, commercial or agricultural purposes, you must abide by the Land Acquisition Act 1981 and it is likely that clauses in the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 will have to be adhered to. Land sales which depend on an outcome of a planning application can be particularly challenging.

George Ide for successful land acquisitions in the South

Whether you wish to buy land in West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire, or further afield, our team of experienced solicitors can help.

We represent buyers and sellers in land purchase negotiations and have specialist knowledge of the local area which means we can bring added-value to your acquisition. We believe in offering a practical, cost-effective, bespoke service which always keeps in mind the commercial imperative of land buying and development.

George Ide’s commercial property solicitors can assist with delayed payment and overage arrangements and will advise on all necessary considerations when taking up any of these options. Above all, we aim to secure our client’s best interests in every deal.

In terms of due diligence, site inspections etc, our aim is to always be proactive and timely, so that if problems arise, they will hopefully have been foreseeable and plans will be in place to mitigate impact and keep costs to a minimum.

All reports to clients will be made in plain English and we strive to keep all lines of communication open so that we may address issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The land acquisition team

To find out more about our commercial property and land acquisitions team, please click through to the staff profiles featured on this page.

All our solicitors provide direct contact details so that clients can have full access to their expertise.

As one of the leading legal firms in the South we pride ourselves on our local expertise and ability to bring a fully formed knowledgeable perspective to local land acquisitions. We have a strong “can-do” approach to service and have a loyal client base which we have built up over our many years of practise.

To find out more about our services, please call our Chichester offices in North Street today on 01243 786 668, we look forward to helping you.