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Commercial property solicitors for landlords and tenants

The commercial property solicitors on George Ide’s team can act for both landlords and tenants in all legal aspects related to the lease on a commercial property.

We have expertise with a broad range of clients from across many sectors. Whether you are an institutional landlord or a tenant with a start-up business, we can help you negotiate all aspects of the contract and transaction.

Our specialist knowledge and experience of the legal vagaries of commercial leases has benefited transactions related to a broad range of premises, including:






Leisure centres

Small businesses

Medium-sized businesses

Large businesses

Industrial sites

Investment properties

Workshops and warehouses

With our strong working knowledge of commercial property law, George Ide’s commercial property solicitors can assist and advise with all the important issues related to leases, renewals, forfeiture of lease, length of term, break clauses, sub-letting, alterations and improvements, and authorised use of premises.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, if you would appreciate valuable advice and assistance with matters related to a lease on a commercial property, contact George Ide’s team today.

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