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Disputes between landlords and tenants can be distressing, time-consuming, and may sometimes even begin to seem insoluble. However, given the right legal advice and representation, such disputes can be brought to an end in relatively short periods, often amicably.

For the swift resolution of tenancy disputes, Chichester solicitors George Ide LLP has a team of property law specialists.

Non-payment of rent

It is a stipulation of a tenancy agreement that the tenant will pay rent to the landlord – it’s one of the fundamental aspects of the contract.

Therefore, if a tenant fails to pay the rent, it is considered breach of contract, and the landlord has the right to evict the tenant. However, it is not always simple to do so, and the failure to pay rent may be attributable to a deeper dispute.

Service charge disputes

Service charges are a frequent cause of disputes between landlords and tenants. Service charges are just as they are described. They are in place to ensure the continuation of some vital service, usually relating to the common areas of a building, whether it is maintenance work in the garden, the stairwells, the exterior of a building or its roof.

However, this type of dispute is more common between long-term leaseholders and management companies than between landlords and tenants party to assured shorthold tenancy agreement.

Failure of landlord to uphold obligations

Under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 landlords have certain obligations to tenants and their safety and welfare. For example, they must provide boilers or other suitable heating devices for the duration of the tenancy. Failure to uphold this obligation may mean that the tenant is entitled to claim compensation.

The obligations of a landlord may vary depending on whether the property rented is classified as furnished or unfurnished.

Landlord and tenant dispute solicitors in Chichester

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We believe in amicable resolution of tenancy disputes in Chichester, wherever possible, and make full use of mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution and, where it is required, litigation.

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