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George Ide solicitors for town and country planning act issues

The team of planning law solicitors at George Ide in Chichester can help individuals and businesses who wish to make planning and development proposals.

We also represent those who wish to oppose applications by offering advice and guidance about how best to approach each issue.

Our solicitors have wide-ranging experience in matters pertaining to planning law and, the Town and Country Planning Act, which enables us to provide pragmatic, astute and detailed legal guidance for a number of related issues, including:

Under English planning laws it is not only necessary for planning permission to be sought for new construction and development projects but also when a fundamental change of use for a property is required. Property usage is separated into distinct classifications, for example:

In many instances, if you wish to change the existing usage of a building – such as changing a disused school building into residential apartments – you will need to apply to your local planning authority (LPA).

Planning for the future with George Ide LLP

The property and planning law solicitors at George Ide LLP can offer legal advice and representation in all matters pertaining to the Town and Country Planning Act and have experience in areas including West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire and across South East England.

For more information on planning procedure and for all planning dispute matters please contact George Ide’s property law team in our Chichester offices today.