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Manufacturing Agreements

For many businesses, both start-up and those which are more established, if their services mainly involve supplying and selling a product, it may be impractical or financially disadvantageous to make the items themselves. If a firm decides to outsource the manufacturing of a product they will need a well-drafted and legally binding manufacturing agreement to protect their interests.

The commercial solicitors of George Ide LLP fully understand the critical issues which need to be included in such a contract and can ensure that potential problems have been forestalled through a properly signed legal agreement.

Quality of the product supplied, punctuality in delivery and intellectual property rights or licensing issues are some of the aspects likely to be identified as needing careful parameters set in place.

Ending of the contract and penalties for non-compliance should also be included to ensure flexibility and financial soundness for the client business.

George Ide’s commercial legal team is big enough to have the all expertise your firm will need, yet is small enough to care about the exact needs of each of its business customers. Our commercial solicitors offer bespoke services tailored to help proprietors and principals get on with the running of their businesses secure in the knowledge that they are backed by practitioners who understand their problems and ambitions.

To find out more about setting up manufacturing agreements through our commercial legal services department, you can contact our offices today, or you may wish to click on the solicitor contact details featured in the profiles on this page.