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Non-disclosure agreements

Trust is a vital component of much of business life: between supplier and customer and between employer and employee and in both categories the completion of non-disclosure agreements can be important in protecting a business’s or an individual’s ideas and interests.

Trust is also important between a client and their legal adviser, who must engender a sense of confidence in any given guidance so that the businessman or woman can get on with running their business, knowing that they have the best-possible back-up for the many aspects of life which need input from a solicitor.

A non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement is used in a variety of situations often as a preliminary to discussions involving acquisitions of other businesses, licensing of intellectual property (IP) or exploitation of inventions and marketing or distribution contracts.

Non-disclosure agreements are also common where a senior employee has access to information about a company’s affairs which could benefit a rival business. The employee may be required to sign the agreement to cover both when working for the original employer and for a period after resigning or being made redundant.

The experienced commercial solicitors of George Ide LLP understand the importance of professional discretion and that each business situation is different, offering legal advice to suit individual circumstances.

At all times, clients can be assured of the highest professional standards, coupled with bespoke advice for any situation where non-disclosure agreements would help the business to prosper.

Whether you are running a start-up business or are long-established, you can be sure the commercial legal services team at George Ide will be at your side.

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