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Family law solicitors for fair financial settlement

Financial settlement on divorce is fundamental to ensuring that all parties, including any children or dependents, are able to move on.

The family law solicitors at George Ide have been helping clients negotiate the legal hurdles around this sensitive matter for more than 40 years and our experience and expertise has continued to evolve over this time, both with the law and the UK’s changing family structures.

Whether you are a divorce applicant or respondent, if you would like to receive clear advice and direction to bring resolution to your circumstances, talk to us today for cost-effective but invaluable service.

Voluntary disclosure

The starting point for any amicable divorce financial settlement is the mutual voluntary disclosure of financial information such as bank statements, payslips, investments, offshore accounts, P60s, pensions, property ownership and other assets.

Family law solicitors will then ensure that there has been full and frank exchange of these documents in order to help lay the foundations for the negotiation of a settlement and to “remove future uncertainties”. In the event that both sides agree to this settlement, the granting of a court order will seal the deal, making it binding for both parties.


Non-disclosure can be a significant stumbling block to fair and amicable settlement on divorce. In fact, the 2011 Grant Thornton matrimonial survey revealed that 30% of family lawyers believed a client to have been cheated of fair settlement due to undisclosed assets.

Due to the very nature of non-disclosure it can be difficult to precisely ascertain just how much information has been withheld – as such, it can be difficult to calculate a fair settlement sum. However, the courts have demonstrated in cases such as Ben Hashem v Al Shayif 2009 that it is possible to make an estimation of the sums being withheld by taking into account factors such as business activities and lifestyle.

Family law solicitors in West Sussex

George Ide LLP family law solicitors in West Sussex can help with all aspects of financial settlement on divorce, from division of marital property to lump-sum payments, maintenance agreements, pension sharing and other matters.

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