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In an ideal world every divorce financial settlement would be reached between divorcing parties without the need to make recourse to the advice of divorce lawyers, let alone the family court system.

However, the process of marital dissolution can be fraught, traumatic and contentious and is, by the fact of it occurring alone, proof enough that we do not live in an ideal world.

Going it alone. Divorce financial settlement without a lawyer

If you are one of the fortunate few divorcing couples who feel confident of reaching a divorce financial settlement without the assistance of specialist divorce lawyers, then there are number of things you will have to consider.

Foremost among these is the risk of rushing into a resolution for resolution’s sake alone. Although it can seem an enormous relief to reach “closure” on divorce the long-term implications of being saddled with a hastily reached unfair or unbalanced settlement can be damaging to all parties involved, particularly children.

Another potential pitfall of “going it alone” is that agreements may be informal and not legally enforceable, meaning that the problem of fair and final settlement continually crop up, preventing parties from moving on.

A compromise solution

One way to ensure that there is relative informality to proceedings is for divorcing parties to sit down with a lawyer, solicitor or trained mediator and attempt to reach an amicable agreement about the terms of a settlement.

Although such an approach is no guarantee to success, it can at the very least help parties identify the crucial areas of difference and consensus and form the foundations to a later agreement.

Even if things remain unresolved at this point, a couple’s respective divorce lawyers may be able to negotiate mutually agreeable settlement terms. However, if this does not succeed in resolving the dispute, it is better to apply to Family Courts in the hope of a final settlement rather than letting matters drag on.

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