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Family solicitors for Portsmouth | Older couples and divorce

George Ide’s family law team help a wide range of clients from a large area in the South of England and from further afield. Our divorce solicitors are increasingly seeing instances of older couples who wish to apply for divorce, and although the principles of the divorce petition are exactly the same, whatever the age of the applicants and the length of the marriage, there are many different considerations for older spouses when considering making or defending a financial claim on divorce.

Our team of family solicitors for Portsmouth, Havant and Chichester can help you if you are considering applying for a divorce after a long marriage. We can also represent you if you have been served with a divorce petition and are not sure what your options are.

What qualifies as a long marriage and what does it mean in divorce?

UK family courts generally consider a “long marriage” to be a union of more than 20 years. Whether the couple have been married, cohabiting or in a civil-partnership, the two decades show a high level of commitment to the relationship and will hopefully be reflected for both parties when any financial settlement order is sought.

Any such settlement will need to take into consideration that one spouse, usually the wife, may have spent a large proportion of the marriage bringing up children and looking after the home, and their lack of career may make the possibility future earnings fairly remote. Plus, the homemaker may not have been able to build up a significant pension pot and any divorce settlement should also take this into consideration.

Divorce solicitors can advise on which type of pension sharing order should be applied for and will help their clients understand all the factors pertinent to the split, such as the ramifications of divorce on estate planning and benefits, etc.

While parties to a long marriage may not have to undertake the difficult decisions associated with making arrangements for young children after a split, the question of financing new homes for both parties should be considered very carefully and this may involve liquidating major assets, such as selling the family home.

Sensitive and understanding divorce lawyers at George Ide

The team at George Ide LLP has many years’ experience in advising and representing clients in the area surrounding Chichester and throughout West Sussex, Hampshire and the south of England.

If you are facing the prospect of divorce after a long marriage our family solicitors for Portsmouth, Havant, Chichester and Littlehampton can help by offering considered, expert advice for your particular situation.

At George Ide we appreciate that each divorce is unique and we will listen carefully to your circumstances before advising on what we feel will be the best course of action for you.

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