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Divorce solicitors look at top ten reasons for breakups

For anyone who has undergone divorce, thinking back to the reasons for the breakdown of a relationship may not be the easiest task. In many cases, it is probably true that there were a number of explanations and it is often not as clear cut as the statisticians would like to make out.

As divorce solicitors in West Sussex, the family law team at George Ide LLP have advised and represented clients from all over the region and throughout the South of England during negotiations regarding matters arising from relationship breakdown; such as arrangements for children and financial settlements.

Our family law team knows that each divorce and civil partnership dissolution is unique and always work in a client-focused manner to offer bespoke legal guidance at all times.

Top ten reasons for divorce

In June 2013 a report was published by the Co-operative which examined the broad reasons for divorce in the UK.

The study’s poll results came from a mixture of married participants and those who were already separated or divorced, and allowed pollsters to give more than one reason behind their breakup.

Reasons for marriage breakdown:
Affairs – 33%
Selfishness – 22%
Personality characteristics – 14%
Abusive behaviour – 14%
Different expectations from life – 13%
Incompatibility – 13%
Job loss / debt – 12%
Interference from in-laws – 11%
Married too young – 9%
Political beliefs – 8%

Most worryingly, perhaps, the poll revealed that almost two thirds of respondents had not fully discussed their lives going forward and had not talked fully about issues such as career, living arrangements, children and lifestyle choices prior to getting married.

Sadly, it seems that many of today’s spouses spend large amounts of time and money in planning their nuptial celebrations without having planned a future together and this can lead to relationship breakdown in the future.

George Ide divorce solicitors for when the worst happens

Although it is a sad fact that many marriages end in divorce and separation, it is a comfort to know that George Ide’s divorce solicitors are here to help and be on your side.

We endeavour to make the legal process of dissolving a marriage and sorting out the arising issues of finances, children arrangements etc, as straightforward as possible.

While we fully appreciate that relationship breakdown and divorce are stressful and emotionally difficult, we will be here to guide you efficiently, expertly and clearly through the legal process.

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