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Information technology and intellectual property law

The commercial services team at George Ide LLP strongly recognises the particular challenges which businesses face in the ever-changing and fast-paced world of increased telecommunications, information sharing and global networking. Combine this with constantly evolving IT and IP law to regulate these issues and the need for knowledgeable lawyers becomes plainly apparent.

IT law

Changing technology, systems development and software licensing are all aspects of the IT revolution which today’s businesses may find themselves embroiled in.

The commercial services team at George Ide can deal with all aspects of information management compliance, e-commerce security and dispute resolution involving information systems, websites and data protection.

We can also advise on how best to develop your business safely in the virtual world of the internet and how to fully utilise the world wide web to your advantage while remaining within the bounds of information technology law.

We pride ourselves on our ability to stay enlightened in the face of ever-increasing developments in the IT industry and know that our high level of communication with clients remains a significant tool for success.

IP law

When it comes to matters of intellectual property rights, George Ide can advise on creation, development strategies and enforcement, to maximise your IP assets.

We can handle enquiries regarding patents, trademarks and copyright, as well as IP-related contracts, such as distribution agreements, franchising deals and sponsorship deals.

George Ide realises the potential for exploitation when a business start-up brings a brand to the marketplace and can help firms rigorously deter infringement. For those with established IP we can advise on how to manage your rights to use an asset to its full potential, while always seeking to increase revenue-making opportunities.

When it comes to transactions relating to brands, trade marks, copyright, software, designs, patents, merchandising material and character development, we have the know-how and expertise to ensure that all dealings with third parties are conducted cost-efficiently and with the client’s best interests always to the fore.

To seek the advice of George Ide’s dedicated commercial services team on IT and IP law please click on the solicitor details on this page. You can phone or email them directly.