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Contractual disputes

Contractual disputes, whether private, commercial, written or verbal, are the type of claim most commonly heard before courts in the United Kingdom.

Contracts, the backbone of society

Contracts have been an essential part of civil, financial and legal society for thousands of years and although they have evolved from the covenants of old, disputes do sometimes arise.

Types of contractual dispute

Most frequently, a contract will become disputed because one party perceives the other to have failed in meeting its contractual obligations. Examples of such perceived failures are various, but they most frequently relate to such things as disputes surrounding payment, provision of services, agency and distribution, or sale, delivery and hire of goods.

Contractual disputes may also arise in other circumstances, such as where there is an alleged misuse of confidential information, infringement of intellectual property rights or breach of a licensing agreement.

George Ide LLP contractual dispute solicitors

Whether you are a private individual or a business, if you have become engaged in a contractual dispute, George Ide LLP can provide you with objective legal advice to pursue your interests and bring about an appropriate remedy and resolution.

Few cases will result in court hearing and many can be settled with the simple expedient of a well-drafted letter or skilful mediation and negotiation.

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