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Birth injury medical negligence claims

At George Ide LLP we believe anyone who has suffered a birth injury should be able to have the best care possible, live life to their fullest potential and, where their injury has been caused by negligence, receive personal injury compensation to help them achieve this. Our highly experienced team boasts considerable skill and expertise, to include membership of the two highest-profile medical negligence panels in England and Wales; AVMA (Actions for Victims of Medical Accidents) and The Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel.

Birth injury medical negligence

Whether you are a young adult who was harmed during a difficult delivery or whether you are a member of the family of an infant who will need care and therapy as a result of a birth accident, you can count on the specialist solicitors at George Ide to ensure expert advice and representation.

There are certain time limitations for birth injury accidents, but in most cases the claim will be pursued once the full extent of injury has been established and how it will impact upon the life of the child and its family.

However, our experts are committed to ensuring victims of medical negligence or mismanaged births receive interim payments and financial help so that appropriate care and/or rehabilitation may be sought as soon as possible. Our independent, healthcare trained case managers are on hand to assess the needs of each claimant so that we are able to negotiate the payment of funds as swiftly as possible.

The health and well-being of the birth injury victim is always our priority and we will strive to bring those responsible to justice – via litigation if necessary. Our birth injury solicitors have years of experience in this complex and sensitive area of law and our successes have helped some very vulnerable people to achieve the best possible outcome after the worst of beginnings.

Commencing a birth injury claim may seem a daunting prospect but rest assured George Ide is on your side to help you to seek the redress which you require.  In the event of a successful damages award George Ide’s in-house investment department can also help protect the financial interests of the victim by offering detailed investment advice.

Whilst some costs are almost always necessary in a medical negligence claim, we do our best to keep them to a minimum and will always discuss your options with you fully so that you can commence action with as much information as possible regarding fees, disbursements and costs. And, in a successful case, we strive to help you keep maximum compensation.

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